VDMX5 その9 アップデート

現在使っているb0.→b0.へ。betaじゃなくて一つ前のバージョンの方が安定してるかな。Korg MIDI-USB Driverのせいかどうかは知らないがここ一ヶ月不安定だったのでこれで安定してくれると嬉しい。

機材面ではVDMX5を使っているMacBook Pro(15-inch Mid 2012)のメモリを8GBから16GBにしてみたがアプリが不安定でメモリの恩恵もどこへやら。



Changes in Version b0.

fixed a bug causing hangs when working with images using a qc image source to play back

Changes in Version b0.

added an option to float receivers to ignore the received vals if they're too close to the current val. this is particularly useful when you want to use a receiver to synchronize two independently-driven sliders (like movie times, hint hint)

optimizations to MTC/MIDI SMPTE parsing

fixed a bug that would result in no output when rendering "too many" layers using GLSL (the number of layers depends on the capabilities of the GPU being used)

layers using GLSL comp modes are automatically antialiased

Added HSV and CMYK color modes for Video to DMX plugin



Changes in Version b0.

fixed a bug that would cause crashes when triggering some types of image files after some types of movie files under some circumstances under 10.9



Changes in Version b0.

animated .gif support

media bin 'random' triggering is now non-repeating

fixed a rare potential file loading crash

fixed a recently-introduced bug where CPU images pulled back from rendered frames appeared upside-down

the text view (like in the sticky plugin) accepts first mouse down and the sticky plugin sets the color of the insertion point to match the text color

the two-channel mixer plugin once again lists groups

QC files now generate their own thumbnails (instead of asking the OS or quicktime for the thumbnail), and these thumbnails are cached (and updated when the file is updated). once thumbnails have been cached, QC import time is significantly faster.

thumbnail caching also enabled for CI, FF/FFGL, and flash files

fixed prefs that were accidentally hidden by a view that got too small

VDMX should now properly share the ArtNet port (with other applications that also support port sharing)

Fixed rare page selection bug in media bin

slight change to the rate and manner in which QC comps are rendered- stuff is faster/more efficient, but the result of this change won't be noticeable to most people under most circumstances

Fixed a table selection bug when inspecting multiple disk based text files.

Text files now remember their last player settings by default.

Fixed a file inspector bug where some text attributes wouldn't show up properly if multiple file paths were selected.

fixed misc GL label drawing issues on non-retina displays

fixed a bug where plugins weren't respecting the "restore contents/window pos" options in the preset inspector

made up a new filter and generative source file format called ISF (interactive shader format). ISF files are just frag shaders with a JSON blob at the beginning that describes them, and a couple handy features (multi-pass rendering, persistent buffers, a variety of recognized input types, etc). several ISF sources and filters are included in this build, more will be added later, and it's super-easy to make your own or turn any frag shader into an ISF. for some fun examples of what's possible, check out GLSL sandbox, and shadertoy. more info on ISF- documentation, more sample filters, and a testing app to help create sources and filters- can be found here.



Changes in Version b0.

i honestly can't explain right now why you should download this build. explaining why i can't explain is also right out. that should probably use this build.