• Added a "data source mappings" window (cmd-4), displays all active data source mappings in your workspace.
  • Added file pref for having new media bins default to preloading.
  • Fixed extra frame on Hap movie looping.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when you triggered a movie with a missing codec while a hap movie was playing back.
  • Worked around a pause that occurs when movies loop- the video no longer pauses, the audio pauses slightly. According to apple, the audio pauses are caused by performance issues with AVFoundation- we're looking into further improvements for future updates.
  • Fixed movie chapters.
  • Implemented a 'vuo sources' folder.
  • Fixed a bug where movies being triggered to start at a custom start time with a negative rate weren't triggering properly.
  • Fixed bug with still image capture sizes in movie recorder plugin.
  • Fixed a crash that, by all appearances, was totally random.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur under some specific circumstances when triggering a movie file with a custom vid fx chain using a particular data source.
  • Installer no longer rejects attempts to install vdmx on partitions running os x server.
  • Fixed an issue where detecting new dedicated MIDI/OSC sources wouldn't always refresh the list of dedicated sources.
  • Removed multithreaded rendering and safe QT rendering options as they are no longer relevant.
  • Fixed a number of QC-related resources that had bugs and problems specific to 10.11
  • Fixes to various menu-item related classes, fixed bugs that nobody's noticed yet.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a leak after triggering a prerolled file under some circumstances.
  • Hap scrubbing/jogging performance substantially increased (scrubs/jogs smoother).
  • List of layers no longer auto-expands.
  • Fix for MOTU audio output from layer movie players.
  • Fixed file loading window count.
  • Fix to movie player when using audio-only files.
  • Fixed a bug, movies with non-square pixels should playback correctly again.
  • Fixed a bug when dragging FX with 2d point UI items.


ついでにModul8を使っているCore2DuoのMacBookProを無謀にもEl Capitan(MacOS 10.11)にアップデート。iTunes使っている程度だと問題ないが、VJ面でまともに使用に堪えられるのか次回までのお楽しみ。