VDMX5 Update b8.2.2.9




• Added "Interlace" fx

• Added "Double Vision" fx

• Added 6 channel color levels fx for more precise color correction

• Added "Heart" and "Star" ISF shape generators

• Added chroma- and luma-key example templates

• Added "Next On End" and "Random On End" options in media bin

• Added DMX sending option to HSV and RGB color pickers

• Added "pause on silence" option to Clock plugin BPM detection mode

• Crash reporter has a 'request reply' button again

[Fixes and Improved]

• Audio analysis defaults to 'on'

LFO waveform pop-up button list now properly restores snapshots

• Fixed rare crash with media bin on preset change

• Dragging a non-VDMX project file onto the app icon in the dock adds the media to the first page (instead of clearing the current project and doing nothing)

• Sizing of tabs in windows is more sensible when the tabs overlap

• Empty control surface plugin displays instructions

• Added a "lock movie framerates" button- works around a bug with the older quicktime API we use that results in uneven framerates under some circumstances (mainly 25fps playback).

LFO and other waveform lookups now only produce new random values when the time changes.

• Fixed bug with HID inputs

• Fixed crash when using PS3 controller as HID input

• HID input buttons now fire off notifications for button detection to make setup faster and easier (data sources are still visible)

• Fixed media bin overlay / media insert drawing

• Minor layout fix in media bin inspector

• Small change to the simple player template

• Fixed a bug where the "show presets" toggle in all UI items was hiding the UI items, but failing to prevent mouse-based interaction with them

• Fixed a bug where multi-slider groups weren't creating receivers

• Reduced min size of some UI elements wherever UIs are editable

• Fixed a bug with window inputs on machines with integrated GPUs running 10.8 or later

• Fixed fullscreen crash on launch when 'Displays have separate Spaces' active

• Various other fixes