VDMX5 その7 アップデート


Changes in Version b0.

  • fixed a bug introduced in the last build which would cause step sequencers to crash when displaying interpolated colors.


Changes in Version b0.

  • fixed a bug that was tinting preset thumbnails solid colors in the workspace inspector
  • DMX configuration in preferences now allows for up to 32 input & output ports over ArtNet.
  • Small fix with LFO local presets- Related to changing over transport controls to match step sequencer.
  • fixed a bug with the font size of the step sequencer
  • fixed a bug where groups and pre-fx layers were being listed in the two channel mixer
  • found a clever workaround for a couple bugs with QC in 10.9 where compositions that only had published outputs weren't rendering.
  • fixed a redraw bug with the media bin


Changes in Version b0.

  • fixed a bug in vdmx with fullscreen under mavericks when "displays have separate spaces" is enabled in mission control
  • worked around a really weird bug in 10.9 where windows would just randomly stop drawing.
  • Fixed an end case where file relinking search may not locate image files.
  • Got rid of some end cases where images would reload if the canvas size changed. Now it should only happen for cached files and only if the canvas is used for the max size in the file preferences.
  • fixed a bug specific to that was causing some assets to display as missing (or get duplicates)
  • fixed a bug where MIDI clock wasn't being received under some circumstances


 動作が不安定になっていたMedia Binは自分の環境だけではなかった様子。細かくは読んでおらず検証しているわけではないですがステップシーケンサー周りのバグフィックスされたようで、折角なので使ってみようかと思います。